Navien High Efficiency Boiler/ On-Demand Water Heater Combi Unit

High Efficiency Navien Combination Boiler & On-Demand Water Heater installations
with rebate of $1600 from Gas Networks
Navien America's fin-type stainless-steel heat exchanger, stainless steel
condensing heat exchanger and premixed burner is what makes this unit
so unique.
Ideal for domestic water heating and space heating applications such as
in-floor radiant heating, base-board heating, and fan assisted air handler

The Ultimate in Energy Efficiency with Precision Technology

Endless hot water supply (2~3 showers at the same time)

Ultra condensing efficiency (CAFUE=0.91)

Space saving design

3˝SCH 40 PVC venting up to 100´ with a maximum of 6 elbows

Optimal and stable operation

Eco friendly Navien technology

Remote control system included

ASME rated model (CH-240ASME)


Where Technology Meets Ecology
Navien America's Condensing Combination Gas Boiler is the ideal
solution for customers who need both domestic hot water as well
as a space heating application. Unlike conventional boilers,
Navien America's Combination Gas Boiler heats water only
when needed, making it environmentally sound as well as cost

Superb Condensing Efficiency & Easy Installation

Navien's Condensing Combination Gas Boiler is equipped with dual
stainless steel heat exchangers, making it efficient and economical.

Extended Life, Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Stainless steel for the Combi's integrated primary and secondary
heat exchangers prevents corrosion and ensures a longer
lifespan over copper heat exchangers.
Stainless steel components also maintain consistency,
even during long periods of use, and aid in eciency by
capturing as much condensation as possible.

Eco-Friendly, Eco Pre-mixed Burner

High grade stainless steel burner uses pre-mixed air and
gas ratio providng a 10% to 100% firing rate.
The Eco Pre-mixed Burner generates at least 20% less
CO and about 75% less harmful air pollutants such as
NOx than other conventional water heaters.

Advanced Safety Operation, Gas-Air Ratio Control

Navien's Gas-Air Ratio Control (GARC) System highly
advance control system modulates both the air and gas ratios
required for optimal combustion.
The ingenious built-in CO monitoring system will shut the
Combi unit down in the event of excessive CO gases build up
and cause a hazardous condition.

Auto Sensing & Adaptive Heating, ASA Control System

The Combi's ASA Control System maintains a consistent,
comfortable temperature throughout the home at all times,
even taking into account the home's design and outside

The secret to this system involves a built-in thermostat which
senses even the slightest temperature changes. The Combi's
space-heating application calculates the amount of heat required
based on the difference between the return-water temperature
and the indoor temperature, then automatically adjusts and
controls the temperature accordingly.

Weather Compensation Heating, K-Factor Heating

An outdoor sensor can be connected to Navien's Condensing
Combi Water Heater. With this device the unit can automatically
regulate the heating temperature according to changes in the
temperature outdoors, allowing for precise indoor heat regardless
of what the weather is doing outside.

Automatic Water Filling System

Navien's Condensing Combination Gas Boiler automatically fills
water into space heating pipes when the unit senses water
shortage in pipes.

Powerful Anti-Freeze Feature

The Combi's built in electrical system is designed to keep the
unit's plumbing frost free in winter conditions.


Intelligent Remote Control System (include in every unit)

  • Aesthetic Appearance Suitable for Any Household's interior Design
  • High-Precision Water Temperature Control in 1℉ Increments
  • 24 Hour Time Scheduling for Space Heating
  • Easy-to-Use Button Type Control




We are an Affiliated National Grid, Gas Networks and Mass Save Plumbing & Heating Contractor for all your Gas Heating, Oil to Gas Conversions and High Efficiency On-Demand Water Heaters and High Efficiency Boilers Installations and Rebates.


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